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Friday, April 25

Russell Brand stars alongside Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Can you guess what Kristen says about the actor...?

“Obviously, I’d heard of his reputation with women, but when we were filming our sex scenes he was so sweet,” the 27-year-old says.

“I think he has a control switch, I really do. I think he can dial himself up and down. He can be incredibly subdued. He loves entertaining people, though, and when he’s on, he’s on. But he can be kind of quiet.”

Bell plays a TV actress who dumps her slob boyfriend, played by Jason Segel, for Brand’s rock god Aldous Snow. With Kristen being slightly nervous and the pair barely knowing more than each other’s names, she and Brand were told to get naked and film a sex scene together.

“Russell and I were actually thrown into a room six days after we met,” she explains.

“They said, ‘Go into the hotel bedroom and find 10 different awkward sexual positions.’ Russell and I both do yoga so we were like, ‘Well, OK’. And this is what we do for a living, so it’s just part of the job.

“Luckily I’m very comfortable with Russell and, despite his image of being such a ladies’ man, he’s really kind, protective and very comfortable and sweet.”

They do professional, of course!

Thursday, April 24

To show her support for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, last night Kristen Bell was out in New York City to check out the premiere of “Baby Mama,” at the Ziegfeld Theatre, as part of the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival.

“Baby Mama” is the new Tina Fey/Amy Poehler flick that centers around a successful single businesswoman who dreams of having a baby. But when she finds that she’s infertile, she hires a working class woman to be her unlikely surrogate.

And the “Veronica Mars” babe looked as cute as a button in a simple-but-sexy green dress and a pair of beige high heels. Yup, she has good fashion sense, always

If you’re as excited about “Baby Mama” as Ms. Bell, get ready! It opens tomorrow night (April 25th) nationwide.

Thursday, April 17

Yes, Kristen Bell has pledged to get her glow from a bottle.

Bell signed on to the Glow in the Dark campaign on the Jergens.com website. For every similar pledge made by the public, Jergens - known for its Natural Glow self-darkening skin products - donates $1 to The Skin Care Foundation.

"It's an oxymoron to say you've got a healthy tan," says Bell, 27. "You want to glow."

Even with the looks of a beach-loving starlet, Bell says she has pale Polish skin under her tinted moisturizer.

There is Marcia Cross of "Desperate Housewives" who does the similar thing as Bell. Cross also wears sunscreen every day - rain or shine - and wears hats almost all the time to protect the pale skin that's become her trademark. The 46-year-old actress says, "I don't want sun spots or even freckles anymore." She knows it because she has had two family members stricken with melanoma.

This is the second year Cross is the spokeswoman for the program sponsored by Olay and ASDS to offer free skin-care screenings during May, June or July at the offices of participating dermatologists in the United States.

"If I'm at the beach, then I'm the fully clothed person on the beach. I wear a long cover-up and a big hat," Cross says with a laugh. "I really just keep covered. It's not always fun, but I do know this is for the greater good. It's some health and some vanity that help keep me pale."

May other celebrities follow...

Wednesday, April 16

Kristen Bell on April 15 Late Show with David Letterman
Here are the pics from the show.

Sunday, April 6

Kristen Bell is in talks to rejoin forces with her Veronica Mars boss, Rob Thomas!
”Yes, there is talk” the actress said about her signing onto one of Rob’s new TV series for this fall.

In case you hadn’t heard, Rob is one-upping Josh Schwartz in his plot to take over television and helming three fall pilots: the CW’s Beverly Hills, 90210 remake, ABC’s Cupid remake and ABC’s dramedy based on the New Zealand series Outrageous Fortune.

So which series is it?

Reliable insiders confirm that Kristen has been offered a role as one of the daughters on ABC’s Outrageous Fortune remake, and that Rene Russo is very close to signing on as the mother. The series is about a family of criminals, in which the father gets sent to the clinker and the mother decides to set everyone straight.

Source: eonline

Friday, April 4

Well, it's not that easy to describe an actor as down-to-earth, approachable, and easygoing. But it comes easier when the celebrity is Kristen Bell...

The 27-year-old Michigan native’s ability to flit easily between the smart and funny tomboy (like she did on the cult favorite TV series Veronica Mars), the mysterious femme fatale (on the hit NBC series Heroes), and the epicenter of romantic-comedy entanglements (in the new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall) marks Kristen as a talent to be reckoned with.

"It’s funny," she muses. "The feedback I’ve always gotten is that I was not nearly pretty enough to play the pretty girl and not homely enough to play the ugly girl. So I’ve always been like 'I’ve got to be able to fit in somewhere!'"

Kristen on the gossip press: "“I could spend all day weeping about the bad parts of this career, but I wouldn’t change it…you just buck up and build a thicker skin, you know?"

Kristen on what she would be if she weren’t an actress: "I’d be a vet. The Patch Adams of the veterinary world."

Kristen on the weirdest rumour she has heard about herself: "That I got a boob job. I’m barely a B cup!"

Kristen on rumours that she dated Justin Timberlake: "I’ve never even met him, so you can understand why I was surprised to read an article about our torrid love affair."

Source: cosmopolitan

Monday, March 24

According to femalefirst.co.uk, Heroes hottie Kristen Bell has been sparring with her co-star Russell Brand about who’s really the sexiest vegetarian of the two.

Here’s what Kristen said about the escalating battle on the set of romance comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

"Russell has been a vegetarian for the same amount of time as me. I've been a vegetarian for 17 years and we used to have little arguments because we were both dubbed Sexiest Vegetarian in the World. But I checked out the record books and he is only Sexiest Vegetarian in the U.K. I politely threw that in his face for most of the movie. He got to throw it back at me when I lost my title this year to Carrie Underwood and he kept his title in the U.K. So that's what I get for getting cocky about eating sexy vegetables!"

Hu-uh, who's to be responsible then?

Tuesday, March 11

Through March 12 and 17, you can bid on the Tadashi Shoji dress Kristen Bell wore in 2007. The metal beaded tunic dress features bronze stretch mesh and hand stitched metal paillettes.

Ms. Bell wore the dress to the ELLE Magazine 14th Annual Women in Hollywood Event (October 2007). Tadashi Shoji donated the dress to support Clothes Off Our Back.

Check out www.clothesoffourback.org for more info.

Saturday, March 8

Heroes star Kristen Bell was involved in a minor traffic accident in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (07Mar08).

The 27-year-old damaged the front-left axle of her Saturn VUE Hybrid sports utility vehicle (SUV), which had to be towed from the scene, in the incident on Hollywood Boulevard. No one was injured.

An onlooker claims the actress' vehicle collided with another SUV driven by a man, reports TMZ.com. Bell's representative tells the website a call was made to police, but that no officers showed up at the scene; Los Angeles police say they have no record of a call.

Source: contactmusic

Wednesday, March 5

Heroes, which is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities, has our Kristen Bell in it, to play the slightly villainous Elle.

Unfortunately Bell has reportedly still not been signed for the third season of the hit drama. A response up on Over on E! Online say that any delay is for business reasons, and not creative ones:
I have it on good authority that Elle is very much a part of the writers’ grand plan for season three. (Fear not: Kring loves her just as much as we do!) So, if there is a holdup, I assure you it is more on the business (rather than creative) side of things, and there is still time to get this worked out before they go back into production.

The site also reports that Claire Bennet, played by Hayden Panettiere may not appear much in the first two episodes of the season, as the actress will be finishing up filming on I Love You Beth Cooper.

Remember that Heroes airs Monday nights on NBC.

Sunday, February 24

Kristen Bell is now busier with her career. It is getting more when Miss Bell is ready for her upcoming film Forgetting Sarah Marshall as well as the status of the Fanboys reedit, the next season of Heroes and the future of Veronica Mars!

In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell plays the titular Sarah Marshall. She is an actress who dumps her boyfriend (played by Jason Segel who also wrote the film). When he goes on a trip to Hawaii to try and get his mind off her, he finds that she’s coincidentally checked into the same hotel with her new boyfriend.

The film is directed by Nicholas Stoller who worked previously as a member of the Apatow crew on the TV series Undeclared. It hits theaters on April 18th.

In an interview with IESB Kristen mentioned that a Veronica Mars return is inevitable but isn’t sure if it would be on tv or in movie theaters. She also confirmed Judd Apatow’s involvement in the new Fanboys edit.

Tuesday, January 29

There are few Babes that IGN Stars would take a baseball bat and/or train for, but Kristen Bell is definitely one of ‘em.

We fell for today’s Babe of the Day, Kristen Bell, hook, line and sinker when she played the cutest teen private investigator ever made, and our crush on her continues as she shares screen time with another Stars favorite, Hayden Panettiere, on NBC’s hit show Heroes. Hell, we even like Bell’s mean and bitchy turn on Deadwood, playing a young call girl who ain’t so innocent.

Whether she is solving crimes or watching out for Skylar, Ms. Bell is one Babe we can’t help but watch. And judging by the images of her on the set of the Star Wars-inspired Fanboys, with Bell sporting the Leia bikini from Jedi, it looks like the Force will be quite strong with this one for a long, long time.

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Sunday, January 6

Kristen Bell becomes the one hundred-something celebrity who refuses to be publicized regarding her romance. The “Heroes” beauty Kristen Bell is eager to keep her relationship with Shepard out of the media spotlight.

The couple is reportedly to spend The New Year's Eve in Miami. Fla. A source tells New York gossip column Page Six, “Kristen is taking Dax as her New Year’s Eve date to the Raleigh Hotel in Miami."

It is also stated that Kristen has demanded to list their names separately. She told event people they can put either her or Dax on the party announcements — but not both of them.

Shepard recently split from Hollywood star Kate Hudson.

Wednesday, January 2

Heroes beauty Kristen Bell is refusing to let event promoters use her romance with comic Dax Shepard to publicize events they attend together. The actress is eager to keep her relationship with Shepard out of the media spotlight, and reportedly demanded organizers of a Miami, Florida hotel's New Year's Eve party list their names separately.

A source tells New York gossip column PageSix, "Kristen is taking Dax as her New Year's Eve date to the Raleigh Hotel in Miami. She told event people they can put either her or Dax on the party announcements - but not both of them."



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