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Last updated: Friday, April 4, 2008

Well, it's not that easy to describe an actor as down-to-earth, approachable, and easygoing. But it comes easier when the celebrity is Kristen Bell...

The 27-year-old Michigan nativeís ability to flit easily between the smart and funny tomboy (like she did on the cult favorite TV series Veronica Mars), the mysterious femme fatale (on the hit NBC series Heroes), and the epicenter of romantic-comedy entanglements (in the new movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall) marks Kristen as a talent to be reckoned with.

"Itís funny," she muses. "The feedback Iíve always gotten is that I was not nearly pretty enough to play the pretty girl and not homely enough to play the ugly girl. So Iíve always been like 'Iíve got to be able to fit in somewhere!'"

Kristen on the gossip press: "ďI could spend all day weeping about the bad parts of this career, but I wouldnít change itÖyou just buck up and build a thicker skin, you know?"

Kristen on what she would be if she werenít an actress: "Iíd be a vet. The Patch Adams of the veterinary world."

Kristen on the weirdest rumour she has heard about herself: "That I got a boob job. Iím barely a B cup!"

Kristen on rumours that she dated Justin Timberlake: "Iíve never even met him, so you can understand why I was surprised to read an article about our torrid love affair."

Source: cosmopolitan

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